Sheva Brachot Kiddush Set










Sterling Silver $26,000

limited edition 36

11" High
13" diameter

Hosting the Seuddat Mitzvah of the Sheva Brachot for a newly married couple is a great honor. For this Mitzvah I have designed this special piece for an exceptional Hiddur Mitzvah. The ceremony starts with the Zimmun, which is engraved around the plate of the three cups. On each side of the heptagon is engraved one of the seven blessings. Each blessing can be read from the main dish or they can be removed and placed directly in front of the person giving the blessing. There are three cups, two of the same size for the blessings and a third that is larger to combine the other two within it for the Chatan and Kallah. There is an additional plate for only two cups to be used for the ceremony under the Chuppah. In Jewish thought, the number seven denotes completion. The seven-sided shape of this design reflects the complete union of two people in marriage.

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