Jerusalem 3000 Kiddush Cup










Sterling Silver $25,000

Addition for Aish Tamid $2,000

limited edition 72

12" High
12" diameter

This design pays homage to Jerusalem and expresses her beauty, significance and holiness to the Jewish people.  Around the base is an original watercolor painting of the walls and gates of the old city of David, the essential Jerusalem.  There are six silver steps in the center, one representing each day of the week going up to the Kiddush Cup symbolizing the Sabbath.  As we visually go up the steps, we see engraved on five of them verses from the Bible, accentuating the strength and significance of Jerusalem. The steps lead us to three legs that the Kiddush Cup rests upon, one for each of the three holidays we make Pilgrimage, Succott, Pesach and Shevuot.  Engraved on the silver cover of the oil container is a passage from the Bible. The flame of the Aish Tamid is in the center at the highest point symbolizing the Beit Hamigdash, the essence of our love and yearning for Jerusalem.