Havdalah Spice Set






Sterling Silver $20,000

limited edition 50

6" High
7.5" diameter

The unique design of this Besamim Set and the way it functions with 15 individual spice containers enhances the physical and spiritual experience of each participant at your Havdalah ceremony. It awes your guests like the richness of a freshly opened pomegranate and its beauty, fullness and all the potential it possess is reminiscent to the Sabbath. The prayer for the Besamim is engraved into the silver and encircles all the Besamim containers. After the prayer is recited, each guest and family member receives the honor of a personal Besamim container. Each one is adorned atop with a beautiful semiprecious stone on one end, and on the other is an opening from which we inhale the fragrant herbs that pleasantly surprise everyone with a blessing of Shavuah Tov. Each person can enjoy its aromatic delight and savor it at his or her individual pace, achieving a higher level of Hidur Mitzvah.

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