Dear Dan:

Just received the package. Only one word to describe it. GORGEOUS. Hope to purchase more of your items in the near the future. Hope that I also get a customer discount from list.

Thanks again, Warren

The gorgeous Havdallah Set arrived, how wonderful and beautiful, it looks so different in our home, more beautiful if that is possible. We also would not mind if our daughter and son in law don't want the Havdallah set, then we would get to keep it for ourselves.



The pieces are unpacked and proudly on display in our home. I can't really express how beautiful they look! We'll start to use the tzedakah set before we start Shabbat tomorrow and will look forward to using the apple and honey set to welcome the new year in September.

I wanted to acknowledge the packing of the pieces. I have never received work that was packed so well and also that was packed in such a way that made it very easy to unpack.

We are honored to have your pieces in our home after having admired your work for so many years. I'm glad that we waited until we met you to buy them.

Best regards to you and Stacy,

Paul (and Sheri)

Dear friends:

Yes, the package arrived just a few minutes ago. The Maim Achronim is prettier and more elegant than I remembered it. It is absolutely magnificent. Thank you for your artistry and your ability to create this wonderful Judaic art; of course, I will cherish it and at some point in time one of my children will be honored to have it. Now I would like to ask for a favor. From time to time, as you have a moment, will you please e-mail me to reassure me that you and your family are fine.

Sincerely, Isabel

We received your Tzedakah Box yesterday, and it is wonderful. We are looking forward to showing your work in our museum.

Thank you. Susan

Dear Dan,

First of all, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet us when we visited Jerusalem. Secondly, I just received the shabbat menorah! It is even more incredible than I remembered. I love it and it really inspires our shabbat candle lighting ceremony. As for me - well, I am now saving up for a challah board. How much are they???

Todah Rabah and Kol Tov,


Hi Dan:

When we were in Boston, we bought your beautiful kiddush cup (the one you have displayed on the fist page of your website). It has given us much pleasure and has been admired by so many of our friends and family. We also bought two beautiful pendants from your wife which we gave as gifts. They were loved by our friends' daughters.

As President of my congregation, I am looking for a gift for our Assistant Rabbi who will be leaving us in June. I am certain he would love a Havdalah set and I saw the beautiful ones on your website. I would appreciate it if you would send me the prices of the two sets shown (priced in the various mediums that you fashion them in).

Our best to you and your wife.


I never thought very highly of modern art, but after seeing your opinion has changed. I am absolutely amazed. You're work is unbelievably fantastic. I've seen work of many artists where I liked some pieces and disliked others...but your work is consistant...I loved everything. Keep doing whatever you're work is wonderful. Just viewing your website made my day...and changed my thinking. Each piece is a mitzvah! Bless you and never stop. Your work is joy and beauty in a world that can use a lot more joy and beauty.

Thank you again. Marci