Brachot Set










Sterling Silver $24,000

limited edition 36

12" High
12.5" diameter

I have united the following three prayers in a creation of abstract art to forever bless and enhance your home. Birkat Ha Banim, Birkat Ha Biet and Tfilat Sim Shalom. At the base is an original Amalya Nini watercolor painting of beautiful vistas of Jerusalem, the city of Hashem. On each side of this pyramid form I have engraved the prayers, tapering upward in a spiritual gesture. Each vista has it's own historic importance to Israel and reflects into each Brachah as Israel is reflected into our prayers. In the center, light comes through the base, creating a reflection of a never-ending Magen David. The Magen David represents the subsistence of the faith of the Jewish people. The light symbolizes the never ending light in our hearts burning with the prayers of life, love, kindness, righteousness, blessing, compassion, and peace for our children, home and all of Bet Israel.