Big Challah Tray











Sterling Silver $22,000

limited edition 72

19" diameter

This Challah Tray comes with a covered salt holder and knife engraved with the words Shabbat Shalom in Hebrew.The cutting surface is Corian and can easily be removed for cleaning. It is a new concept in functional Judaica, combining two different mediums in a unique way. The painting is an original Amalya Nini, specially commissioned for this piece. Each one is hand painted in watercolors on cotton paper and protected by a Plexiglas cover. I have chosen to express a typical Israeli landscape during the wheat harvest because of the words in the blessing of the bread; "HaMotzie Lechem Meen HaAretz". Engraved around the top is VeShimru; "And the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to make the Sabbath an eternal covenant for their generations...". This Challah Tray comes with a Plexiglas stand to exhibit on. It will be a beautiful addition of "Hedur Mitzvah" to your Shabbat table and original art to enhance your home.

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