Small Challah Tray











Sterling Silver $7,900

limited edition 72

14" diameter

This is a new concept in functional Judaica, combining two different mediums in a unique way. The cutting surface is Corian and can easily be removed for cleaning. The painting is an original Amalya Nini, specially commissioned for this piece. Each one is hand painted in watercolors on cotton paper and protected by a Plexiglas cover. I have chosen to express a typical Israeli landscape during the wheat harvest because of the words in the blessing of the bread; "HaMotzie Lechem Meen HaAretz". Engraved around the top is VeShimru; "And the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to make the Sabbath an eternal covenant for their generations...". This Challah Tray comes with a Plexiglas stand to exhibit on. It will be a beautiful addition of "Hedur Mitzvah" to your Shabbat table and original art to enhance your home.

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