Maim Achronim












Sterling Silver $6,300

limited edition 36

Size 9" high

Maim Achronim is a beautiful tradition. After a meal when we are replete we thank Hashem for all that He has given us and wash our hands so not to blind ourselves from the salts from our food. Today we do not use the same kinds of salts that could blind us from touch but the blindness is not a physical blindness it is a spiritual one. When we have cared for our basic needs and are satisfied after a meal, we wash our hands (symbolically). This is that we may see that this is the best time to open our hearts to share our good fortune that Hashem has given us. I have interpreted this essence of Tzedakah into my Maim Achronim. I have designed the cup with its own base and engraved around it the *Birkat Hamazone, for we first thank Hashem. I have selected four beautiful **Verses from the Bible regarding different aspects of Tzedakah and engraved them around the base of the bowl. As you wash your hands drops of water splash upon the Brachot of Tzedakah, reminding us to not be blinded to others less fortunate.