Kiddush Cup Torah Portion Cube












Sterling Silver $4,400

limited edition 100

Size 10" high.

On a Bar/Bat Mitzvah we make our first Aliah and read from the weekly Torah Portion. I have created this Kiddush Cup to dedicate an exceptional gift and beautiful keepsake for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child to remember this special occasion with functional art to last forever. There are 54 Torah Potions in all. For each individual weekly Torah Potion, I create a Torah Portion Cube Kiddush Cup to reflect all the main accounts of that complete Portion. On each of the four sides are engraved four different depictions and Verses describing all the accounts of that specific Torah Portion. To personalize this special gift even more, the child's name, the date of the Aliah and the name of the Torah Portion is engraved on the base in Hebrew and/or English.

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