Kiddush Cup Fountain + 15











Sterling Silver $13,300

limited edition 36

Size 13" high.

This contemporary Kiddush Cup Fountain will surprise all your guests with it’s fifteen hidden cups. The main cup is situated on top in the center and after the Kiddush is made, wine is distributed evenly into the additional fifteen smaller cups by pouring wine from the main cup onto the top of the spherical base. Imagine the delight in the eyes of all your guests as you open the top of the sphere to reveal the fifteen individual cups filled. Then you respectfully raise the base to honor each of them with an exclusive cup of the Kiddush wine. When you use this Kiddush Cup for less guests then the number of additional cups, you can close the spouts of as many as you want so you only fill as many cups as you need. You will enjoy this piece all week as art that beautifies your home and on Shabbat you will enjoy it even more.

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